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2017 Tax Statements

 The 2017 tax statements have been mailed. If you have any questions, or you did not receive yours, please call the office at (309) 925-2274. Thank you!

2016 Tax Statements

 The 2016 tax statements have been mailed. The unused admin money for each center has also been sent out. Please check your bank statements for that. Day Care Resources has also sent a letter to each center regarding the unused admin money. If you have any questions, please call the office at (309) 925-2274. Thank you!

New USDA Meal Patterns

 On Monday, April 25, USDA announced new meal patterns for the Child and Adult Care Food Program. The changes focus on simplifying infant menus, limiting added sugar and create opportunities to serve more fruits and vegetables. For example, providers will soon be able to serve both a fruit and a vegetable at snack, such as apples and celery. Your food program is hard at work designing new materials like instruction books, menus and recipes for a smooth transition. More details will be coming soon!\r\n

 Learn more about the changes at the USDA website:

Center Move/Transfer Policy

If a facility would like to transfer from one sponsoring organization to another, there are certain guidelines and policies that must be followed.  Here is the transfer policy for Day Care Resources.
Center Move/Transfer Policy

2015 Tax Statements

The 2015 tax statements have been mailed. If you have any questions, please call the office at (309) 925-2274. Thank you! 


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Vegetarian Meals

 Are you looking for ways to cut down on your grocery bill? Do you care for vegetarian children? If so, you may want to consider serving a few vegetarian meals at your center. Plant based meals can help save money, serve vegetarian children, and improve health! Log in to check out our vegetarian resources, including recipes and over 2 months of meal ideas!

New USDA Ruling

Snack type items (such as cheese puffs, corn curls, veggie stix, veggie straws, and veggie chips)  are NOT creditable on the Food Program.
To be creditable as a grain/bread, a product must meet two criteria:
1)      The first ingredient must be enriched or whole grain meal and/or flour AND
2)      The grain/bread must be listed on the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart (found in the ISBE Meal Pattern Chart).
Example: “Sun Chips” are CREDITABLE.
1)      The first ingredient in “Sun Chips” is whole corn.
2)      Corn chips are listed in Group B of the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart.
Example: “Cheetos” are NOT creditable.
1)      The first ingredient is enriched flour.
2)      Cheetos/corn curls are NOT listed on the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart.
Example: “Rold Gold Pretzels” are CREDITABLE.
3)      The first ingredient is enriched flour.
4)      Hard pretzels are listed in Group A on the ISBE grains/breads requirements chart.

Creditability Update

Dried meat snacks are no longer creditable on the Food Program (USDA TA 05-2011). This includes:

- Beef Jerky, Salmon Jerky, Seafood Jerky, Turkey Jerky
- Pepperoni Sticks
- Dried Poultry Nuggets
- Smoked Snack Sticks
- Summer Sausage

The ISBE Crediting Foods Guide (8/11) states these products "do not serve the customary function of meat in a meal." Due to this change, Beef Jerky (Meat #4) will no longer be listed on our Minute Menu food list. Pepperoni can only be claimed on Child Nutrition (CN) labelled pizzas. If you are serving homemade pizza, please claim cheese on the pizza instead.

Low Fat Milk Required for Ages 2 and Over

According to a new USDA requirement,  low fat milk (1% or skim) must be served to all children age 2 and older. 1 year olds must receive whole milk according to DCFS Regulations. Centers must be in compliance by October 1, 2011.

Start now to transition kids from high fat (whole and 2%) to low fat (1% or skim) milk! Low fat milk contains the same amount of bone-building nutrients as whole milk. However, switching from whole to 1% milk can reduce fat by 17 grams in one day!  

Check out our special bulletin "The Food Program is MOO-VING to LOW FAT MILK!"
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Keep Your Food Program Records!

According to the USDA, home day care providers must:

- Keep all food program records for 3 years from the date of submission.

- Have 1 year (plus the current month) of records available at reviews.

- Have access to the remaining years of records. These records can be stored off site.